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Big Changes Coming This Summer For The FHA Program

Federal Housing Administration loans have become more affordable in 2015, thanks to a drop in the annual mortgage insurance premium that the FHA charges. Add lower credit requirements and down payments to the mix, and the fact these loans are assumable, and FHA mortgages are...

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Safer Investments : How to Avoid Scams

Safer Investments : How to Avoid Scams Types of Investment Scams Investment scams can take many forms, but the most common securities frauds tend to fall into the following general schemes: Pyramid Schemes: Where fraudsters claim that they can turn a small investment into large profits within a...

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Tips To Consider When Renting A Home In San Diego CA

Choosing the right rental property can be a wonderful experience for those waiting to get on the property ladder. Even though the rent covers the mortgage for someone else, you get more freedom and have less responsibility. Here are Tips To Consider When Renting A...

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Technology Need Not Be A Hindrance To Great Style

Something to reflect you and your personality. This process is usually something that takes place over years and constantly evolves. Over time you've probably refined your tastes and have settled into a setting that feels just right. Another area that constantly evolves is the world...

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