Selling Your First San Diego CA Home?

Selling Your First San Diego CA Home?

You probably will not walk away from the sale saying you had fun, but if you follow these tips the experience may at least be surprisingly pleasant.

elling Your First San Diego CA Home?

1. Declutter and Clean – Before you even think about listing your home for sale it needs to be cleaned from top-to-bottom, and all the clutter and personal items need to be removed.

2. Address Repairs – Ripped window screens, leaking faucets, running toilets, missing cupboard handles, chewed baseboards (hopefully you actually have a dog, if you have chewed baseboards!), and broken banisters are all small repairs that need to be taken care of. Although, these are really small things, a buyer may wonder what else you have neglected.

3. Hire a Real Estate Professional – Can you handle the home-selling process yourself? Sure, you can, but it is not recommended. There are a ton of legalities involved with selling a home. A good, knowledgeable professional will be worth every penny. Many people start the process with the intent of handling everything, and end up hiring a real estate professional anyway. Save yourself the wasted time and frustration, and just make this part of your plan from the start.

4. Shop for a New Home – Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to necessarily wait for your home to sell before you start shopping for a new one. Plenty of people buy and sell at the same time. It is nice to know you have somewhere to go upon closing. You can even make the purchase contingent on selling your home.

5. Get the List Price Right – If you price too low, you leave money on the table. Price too high, and buyers won’t even want to bid. A lot of thought needs to go into your list price, which means you need to take a good look at the market and your competition.

6. Make Your Listing Count – Hire a photographer who can capture the beauty of your home in pictures. Listed homes with photos sell significantly faster than those without. Make sure you market your home appropriately for the targeted buyers looking in your area.

7. Be Ready to Sell – If you really want to sell your home, you need to be ready to show it and prepare to negotiate. You are already giving the house a deep cleaning, so you just need to devote a little time daily to keeping it in that “spring-cleaned” condition, so it is ready to welcome a buyer at a moment’s notice. Also, figure out your negotiating terms ahead of time.

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